Progress on a New Name

by Josh Meyer, leadership minister

The Conference Naming Committee—a group tasked with recommending a new name for the joint conference that will emerge from the reconciliation between Franconia Conference and Eastern District Conference—has been actively working the past few months.

After brainstorming and soliciting suggestions from across the conferences, we evaluated 48 unique name/concept ideas.  From this list of 48, we narrowed it down to 4 possibilities that we wanted to test further.  In early September, we held a series of focus groups, gathering input and feedback from a cross-section of delegates.  This was a valuable and instructive process.  In fact, the focus groups were so helpful that we’re planning to run a second round of focus groups in October.

As our committee continues refining the possibilities before us, we’re also very open to new possibilities that may emerge.  Therefore, we continue to be open to and actively seek suggestions.  If you have an idea for the name of the new conference, please let us know!  And please continue to join us in prayer, trusting that God’s Spirit will lead us to a name that reflects our shared identity, purpose, and values.

Members of the Naming Committee:

Task Force:  Josh Meyer (Franconia), Edie Landis (Zion), Ron White (Good Samaritan)
Staff:  Steve Kriss (Philadelphia Praise)
Franconia Conference:  Merlin Hartman (Franconia board; attends Franconia), Aldo Siahaan (Philadelphia Praise), Sara Kolb (Plains), Jaynie McCloskey (Taftsville)
Eastern District Conference:  Jim Musselman (Zion)