Congregational Profile: International Worship Church

International Worship Church started in 1997 as a small home prayer meeting of 13 people.  Rev. Harjono Margono, Rev. Samuel Murti & Rev. Buddy Hannanto started IWC in Santa Monica, California. In December 1999, Rev. Buddy Hannanto was license by Rev. Jeff Wright as Director of Pacific Southwest Mennonite Conference.  In the past year we have grown so much in attendance.

In 2000 we moved to the new location in Alhambra City. and three  years ago, God brought us to a huge church building in San Gabriel City. Through our leaders and congregation, IWC continues to be a channel of God’s grace.  God has remained faithful. Our prayer continues to be that God will continue to use our church to grow His Kingdom.

We see a growing local church with a global influence.       

Lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and to be like Jesus Christ.


  1. We will love people till they ask why. – Luke 5:30-32
  2. We will get real with one another. – Act 2:42-47
  3. We will be contributors, not consumers. – Act 20:35
  4. We will live what we learn. – Matthew 7:24-27
  5. We will reach up and reach down. – Romans 12:4-6
  6. We will make it better. – Matthew 25:23


  • Sunday 10:30 AM – English Service, 12:30 PM – Indonesian Service, 12:.30 PM Sunday School
  • Wednesday 9:00 PM – Prayer Night
  • Friday 9:00 PM – Home Prayer Meeting


  • Children: We love children at IWC. They are not just the future of the church, they ARE the church. They play a significant role in our church today, and they are part of the Body of Christ. We have a deep desire to instill the love of Christ through Scripture-centered teaching while having fun! We believe in intergenerational worship where all ages are connected within church ministries.
  • Youth: Our youth grow in relationship with God and each other, and go out and serve the local community!
  • Adults: IWC believes that it is important for adults to be in community together, focusing on strengthening our relationship with God through Bible reading, prayer and service within our community.

IWC is a contemporary Christian Church under Franconia Mennonite Conference.  Please support us in prayer for our ministries.