Congregational Profile: Bethany Elevation Community Church

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Initially, Pastor Jacob Limanto was given the mandate by Pastor Abraham Alex Tanusaputera (Senior Pastor of Bethany Church of Indonesia), even though they both had never met personally. With the new synod established by Pastor Alex in Indonesia, who was originally under the auspices of the Indonesian Synod of Bethel Church and became the Synod of the Indonesian Bethany Church, Pastor Jacob was appointed and ordained as Pastor for the Bethany Church in New York City.

Since then Ps. Jacob realized his call to pastor the church of God. It began with 7 people of the early church, Ps. Jacob, Mrs. Rita, and their two children and some women who are faithful to pray. After a month of holding a prayer meeting at home, the congregation agreed to decide to look for a place of worship. Until then, the Bethany Church was still renting a room from another local Church. As the ministry and congregation developed, Ps. Jacob got the vision and mission from God that the congregation, in following God, the church can produce eternal fruit in God. In carrying out this vision and mission, Ps. Jacob has been pastoring this church of God for 17 years. The congregation continues to pray that God will continue to add souls to be saved.

In its development as a local church in the United States, the Bethany congregation continued to follow the Lord’s movement and even longed to be a blessing to the local community. However, to carry out this mission, the Bethany congregation must adjust to the culture and law in the United States, where Bethany New York congregation was founded. For this reason, as a local church, we are willing to open our minds and hearts to be able to get a legal and spiritual shelter. Therefore, the Bethany congregation, represented by Ps. Yakub, met with Ps. Beny Krisbianto from Franconia Mennonite Conference. Ps. Beny welcomed the longing heart of the Bethany New York congregation to join Franconia as a spiritual, legal and even cultural shelter.

After going through several stages of introduction and adjustment, the time came for the Bethany congregation to serve the community that God entrusts together with the local congregations who are members of Franconia Conference. Therefore, like being “born again”, the Bethany church took on a new name, Bethany Elevation Community Church (BECC), and is now part of Franconia Mennonite Conference.

At present, the BECC congregation is very excited to welcome the Lord’s movement that is sweeping His people.  The congregation is very thirsty and hungry for the truth of the Word of God and longs for the birth of leaders who have gifts to serve the church.  Other than that, the focus of the congregation is to get a permanent place of worship so that it can develop services especially for Sunday school and youth services, to be prepared for the next generation.

Please continue to pray that we can do the Great Commandment, to love God and love people, to save lost souls at any cost. Therefore ask the Lord of the harvest, so that He sends workers for the harvest. We also specifically pray for a fixed place of worship, so that we can expand services for young people and Sunday school.