Congregational Profile: Centro de Alabanza

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by Pastor Lety Cortés and Pastor Fernando Loyola, Centro de Alabanza

Centro de Alabanza is a community of faith in South Philadelphia, made up of migrant families from different countries in Central America, South America, Mexico and the USA.

It began 12 years ago in the living room of our house as a growth group; later we started doing services in public with the Philadelphia Praise Center community.

Centro has been developing an environment of community and brotherhood. From the beginning of the ministry, every Sunday after service we have shared food that families prepare and provide.

God has been so generous and we feel very grateful, because every Sunday new people arrive to hear the word of God. We are located in a strategic place that allows us to develop several ministries with the community, such as collecting clothes and giving it to the most needy people.

We also focus on discipling our members.  We encourage them at all times to be self-taught in scrutinizing the word of God; we also have more advanced study circles to train leaders to continue with God’s vision for Centro de Alabanza. With God’s blessing and support we want to continue being people of peace, as well as bridges to reach more people for the Kingdom of God.