Congregational Profile: Line Lexington Mennonite Church

by Tom Ruth, elder at Line Lexington

Line Lexington Mennonite Church serves our local community as a place to belong, and a place to become. 

Situated on a hill overlooking the small town of Line Lexington PA, our church is deeply rooted (established in 1752) but has transformed over the years as we have engaged with the surrounding  community in new ways. We are called by God to equip our members in following Jesus Christ in His Kingdom of God work. 

A place to belong:  LLMC is a friendly, welcoming group of believers. We prioritize time on Sunday mornings to greet and converse over coffee with each other and with newcomers. We have a tradition of close mutual support and encouragement in both prayer and tangible bearing of burdens. We desire to welcome one another as Jesus has welcomed us, into a community of peace and reconciliation, to mutually care for each other and our neighbors. Fellowship Breakfasts, church potluck meals, picnics, Community Days, and other activities serve as a means to foster close friendships and invitation opportunities. 

Biker Ministry Sunday worship at Line Lexington MC on September 15, 2019.

A place to become:  We believe that God calls us through Scripture and the Holy Spirit’s direction, to continually grow in discipleship. We teach out of our Mennonite Anabaptist experience that Jesus is the center of our faith, community is the center of our life, and reconciliation is the center of our work (Palmer Becker, 2008.)  We value Scripture as the authoritative and timeless Word of God, and personal relationship with Jesus Christ, as God’s means of transforming us as we join His ongoing kingdom work. We desire to imitate the servant nature of Jesus Christ in humility as we relate to each other and stand with those in need. 

We participate with  various missions and community service groups with an emphasis on supporting those in which our members have direct involvement. Our Associate Pastor Gary Parmer, with Children’s Ministry Director Alicia Hunsberger, direct a strong children and youth program with good engagement by community youth. In addition, we have a 40 year involvement with Hilltown Nursery School which operates out of our church five days per week, strengthening our engagement with local parents and families.  

Biker ministry is an important ministry at Line Lexington Mennonite Church.

A valued ministry serving a group many of us have little opportunity to interact with is Biker Ministry, which attracts motorcyclists to a lively September Biker Sunday music, preaching and testimony service with a pig roast and group rides, and continues the relationship year-round with monthly rides, coordinated by our retired pastor Lowell Delp, with many volunteers assisting. 

The recent retirement of our long-time pastor has brought us into a time of transition, which has served to bring us together in mutual love and determination to seek God’s will for our future. A Catalyst Team is working in guiding us through these changes by Going Higher (in worship), Going Deeper (in discipleship) and Going Wider (in outreach). Interim Pastor Scott Roth has recently joined us as to guide our transition to a new lead pastor. 

In our third century of serving God and neighbor in Line Lexington, we place our trust in God’s loving care as we walk with Him in faith through the exciting changes ahead!