Congregational Profile: Indonesian Community Christian Fellowship

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Indonesian Community Christian Church (ICCF) or Gereja Kristen Masyarakat Indonesia Immanuel (GKMI Imanuel) was founded on November 13, 1992 in San Bernardino, CA. It was started as a small prayer meeting. ICCF quickly grew into a big congregation because at that time, there were not many Indonesian churches in the area.  Most of the members come from Huria Kristen Batak Protestant (HKBP) church backgrounds, which is predominantly Indonesian-Batak ethnicity. Once there was a church split and from that split, ICCF birthed five HKBP churches in the area.

For almost 9 years Pastor Sam Setiawan led the church, before passing down his leadership to Pastor Henry Rumemper, who led the church for 2 years.  He was followed by Pastor Yohanes Ginting who remained for less than a year.  For some period after that, ICCF did not have a lead pastor, but was helped by one of the church leaders, Rina Kusuma, until June 2007, when Pastor Makmur Halim came to the United States from Indonesia and was trusted to lead the church as a pastor of ICCF.

Pastor Makmur Halim

When Pastor Makmur came to the church, he started to create the first ICCF bylaws and discipleship programs, that prepare the congregations to do missions in the world. While the community is at the very center of the church, raising leaders – especially from the next generation – is also a priority. Out of this discipleship program, ICCF has already birthed leaders that are sent outside the congregation to lead churches. ICCF officially joined Franconia Conference at the Fall Assembly 2016. Today the church is located in a large Indonesian population in Colton, CA.

The vision and mission of the congregation are to reach the Indonesians and prepare the church for mission through discipleship.  Sunday Service is held at 5:00 pm with a contemporary worship style.

Prayer request:

  • Please pray for them as they support the regeneration of leaders in the church, as well as for their vision and mission to reach more people to Christ, and to bear much fruit that blesses the nations and generations.