Congregational Profile: Deep Run West Mennonite Church

Deep Run West in Perkasie, PA was founded in 1849 after issues that divided the existing congregation into two groups. These groups eventually were called “Old Order Mennonites – Deep Run East” and “New Order Mennonites – Deep Run West”.  The issues were over creating a written church constitution, Sunday Schools and church publications.

Combined worship service with Second Mennonite of Philadelphia at Camp Men-O-Lan (photo by Cami Dager).

Within a hundred years, those “new” ideas were eventually embraced by the “Old Order Mennonites.”  Today, we share services and combined youth groups with each other a few times each year where both congregations have their specialties.

We partner with Second Mennonite of Philadelphia each year. We enjoyed our annual Sunday summer service and picnic at Camp Men-O-Lan with our friends this year.

This year we had 100% participation of our church youth members that attended Camp Men-O-Lan for summer camp programs and a few young adults that are employed during summer camp season as well. Serving and supporting Camp Men-O-Lan is just one of our important ministries to our church family.

We found that we cannot just open our doors and expect that people will come in. We encountered a new way for us to spread the gospel and reach the community to share Jesus Christ with those around us. In 2018 we began to hold Vacation Bible School and a Community Day event in the community park. There we shared Jesus through worship songs, crafts, games, and food.  We were able to hand out Spanish Bibles to those who didn’t own a Bible in their language. We learned to extend our congregation and mission field beyond our church building to connect to individuals in our community.

Our children and youth ministries consist of children from our local community. Our youth ministry is held weekly all year long and our Primary Kids Club is held fall to spring. These ministries provide an opportunity to continue to share the gospel and help lay a foundation of faith with the young of age. This is especially important when there are several children who are hearing about Jesus for the first time. This is as faith-filling to our teachers and sponsors as to those who are hearing God’s word.

Pastor Rodger Schmell, his family & Deep Run West elders during the sabbatical blessing and sending (photo by Howard Stenger).

This year we have embraced the church’s very first pastor sabbatical. Pastor Rodger Schmell has been with Deep Run West, first as a member who was born and brought up here, and then, who returned as a youth pastor for several years. He then was invited to take on the role as lead pastor for the last 16 years. The church held a blessing and sending for Pastor Schmell and his family this summer, which began his sabbatical on July 7th.

Deep Run West is seeing God at work, transforming many people and places in and outside our doors.

“Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.” Romans 12:2

Prayer requests for Deep Run West:
*  prayer that our church leaders seek God’s will and leading through His Holy Spirit as we continue to approach changes and renewal of the Spirit.

* prayer as we continue to build relationships in our community, that we meet new people to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.

* prayer for our pastor and his family during sabbatical; that he experience the joy of God’s presence and time of renewal in his relationship with God and his family.