Director of Community Engagement

Eastern District and Franconia Conference, a historic and growing network of almost 80 Mennonite congregations and ministries, seeks a creative, committed, and collaborative person to serve in a leadership position focused on strengthening connections and relationships across the Conference community.  

The full-time position, based at the offices in Lansdale, PA (north of Philadelphia), has two key components:

  • Leader of the communication and development team.
  • Team leader for community organizing, networking, and facilitation with the Conference’s network of Conference Related Ministries. These ministries include social service agencies, schools, camps, retirement communities, and international initiatives.

Alternatively, these components could be separated into two part-time roles.

Essential for this position is a commitment to the Anabaptist perspective of Christian faith and a willingness to join an Eastern District and Franconia Conference worshipping community.  The role includes leadership within a diverse and dispersed staff with a priority of intercultural transformation.  Member communities of the Conference stretch from Southern California to Vermont, although the majority of conference staff and members live in the Philadelphia and Lehigh Valley metro areas.  The position includes up to 20% domestic and international travel beyond those metros.

Ideal candidates will have experience in non-profit organizational leadership and a graduate level degree.  They will also have experience with supervision and capacities in community/public relations, as well as fundraising, with an understanding of changing technology and diverse constituencies. Candidates must have working capacities in Microsoft or equivalent software, diverse communication platforms, and social media.  An understanding of Adobe Creative Suite and WordPress would be helpful.

As a multilingual community, an ability to speak and work in English as well as at least one other conference language—Bahasa Indonesian, Cantonese, French Creole, Spanish, or Vietnamese—would be preferred. 

The position will begin in late spring or summer of 2020.  To apply, send a resume or CV and intro email to