A Hunger for God’s Word

by Dimas Pezzato, Pastor of High School Youth & Young Adults, Souderton congregation

My journey into ministry can best be described as a stumbling journey of discovery.

I can’t point to one distinct moment that I can describe as my “calling.” I didn’t have a vision. I didn’t hear a voice. In fact, the further along I went, the more unexpected curves my call took. My reaction to these obstacles surprised me. Instead of weakening my desire to pursue ministry, I found myself reinvigorated, excited about facing the challenges and figuring out ways to overcome these hurdles. 

It was through this process, along with external validation from the church body, that I arrived at the conclusion that God has called me to help people discover Jesus. I am called to help people discover Jesus in Scripture, to help them fall in love with the process, and be transformed as they follow Him. So my story is the story of this “process.”

I was born and spent several years as a child living in southern California. Often I would gather my neighborhood friends together to read passages of the Bible. I enjoyed the Bible and naturally wanted to share. These were not kids that went to church. When I was ten years old, I even led one of them in the sinner’s prayer in my backyard one day after playing basketball.  

This same passion filled me during my teenage years, although it was more hidden. It was during my college years that opportunities for student leadership really ignited in me a desire to formally study the Bible. After completing my bachelor’s degree in Philadelphia, I decided to enroll in seminary in Boston to study biblical languages. My only goal was to satisfy my hunger to get as close as I could to the scriptures. 

We might not be aware of God’s guidance, but He does guide us regardless, especially if our heart’s desire is to be obedient and we are willing to be led. It was during my pursuit of this God-placed desire that opportunities for ministry arose. As I walked through doors that were opening (opportunities as a Youth Pastor in Boston and then as an Assistant Pastor for a few years in Brazil), I saw how God had been preparing me for each step. 

Now I continue that journey of pursuing my desire to know Jesus through His Word and sharing it with others in obedience to His call at Souderton Mennonite Church. It is so exciting (and at times terrifying) to follow Him. Nothing is impossible when He is around. That’s what makes things SO interesting!