Notes to Pastors

U.S. Healthcare Facts

Did you know that:

1. 18,000 people in the US died last year because they didn’t have access to healthcare?
2. Millions of Americans are one illness away from financial disaster?
3. The healthcare system in the US does not rank in the top twenty in the world?
4. The US is the only developed nation that does not provide healthcare to all citizens?
5. Healthcare in the US costs more than twice that of other developed countries?

If you want to know more about healthcare in this country, plan to study this issue with the use of Healing Healthcare ( At Assembly 2005, delegates asked churches to study this issue in this biennium. Delegates to Assembly 2007 in San Jose, will want to have studied this issue to adequately represent your congregations in the discussion there.

Glen E Miller, Mennonite Church USA, program manager, Healthcare Access Program.


The Engaging Pastors study group at AMBS for 2006-2007 is Engaging Pastor Paul, facilitated by Jacob Elias, AMBS Professor of New Testament. In this group, six pastors will interact with Paul’s pastoral correspondence, discuss his theology and ethics, and reflect on how the apostle’s instruction and counsel illuminate ministry praxis today. Because the group will interact through two multi-day gatherings and through online forums, pastors at a distance are urged to participate. For more information and to apply, please visit Choose Church Leadership Center, then “Engaging Pastors”, then “Pastor-Faculty Study Groups.”