Notes to Pastors

A note for pastors from Dawn Ranck, pastor at Plains Mennonite Church

In Philip Yancey’s book Prayer: Does it Make Any Difference, he writes that “Praying can be a risky enterprise, I have found, as the Spirit often convicts me of the very thing I am praying about. ‘Lord, help my neighbor, a single mother, in her hard life.’ Hmm, have I offered to take her son skiing lately?'”
At Plains, we have been praying for Iraq since before the war began over four years ago. Recently Lutheran Children and Family Services learned that up to 100 Iraqi refugees will be arriving in Southeastern Pennsylvania in the next few months. We are realizing that we can, in part, be God’s answers to our own prayers for peace in Iraq by hosting an Iraqi family in our community. Will you join us in answering prayers by hosting a family at your church? Lutheran Children and Family Services is in desperate need of congregations to assist. Yancey continues, “Those of us who struggle with unanswered prayer dare not overlook an important theological truth about how God acts in this world today. The church is the body of Christ, and as such it does God’s work . . . God has chosen to express love and grace in the world through those of us who embody Christ.”
For more information about hosting an Iraqi family contact Lyn Back at (215) 747-7500 Ext. 207 or email her at or Janet Panning (215) 747-7500 Ext. 209;