• Congregational Donations:

    Click on the link below to access the pdf form.

    Congregational Donation Form


    1. Please fill out this form on your computer before printing it–it will automatically fill in the duplicate fields for you if you fill in the pdf before printing.
    2. Print one copy.
    3. Cut along the dotted line.
    4. Send the bottom portion of the form with your check to Franconia Conference, keep the top portion for your records.
    5. After the conference treasurer receives your contribution, he will return a copy of the form to you as a receipt (so please make sure the address on the form is complete and accurate).
    6. Thank you for giving!

    Congregational Treasurers Information:

    Financial Guidelines for Churches and Pastors: assists congregations in handling pastor and other church employee salaries and benefits as well as other congregational finances.

    Financial Audit Report: for Franconia Mennonite Conference and Franconia Mennonite Board of Missions and Charities (aka FMC Properties) for the years ended January 31, 2019 and 2018.

    Where do contributions to Franconia Conference go?  An illustration how undesignated contributions to Franconia Conference are currently budgeted for the Fiscal Year ending January 2020.

    Churchwide Financial Information:

    MC USA – Congregational and Ministerial Leadership Salary Guidelines: Mennonite Church USA web site that provides guidelines for the calculation of salaries for ministers and other church employees.

    FirstFruits Direct Giving: Information about direct giving, via electronic funds transfers, for individuals to contribute to congregations and broader denominational agencies.

    Important Financial Dates:

    • January 1 New yearly rates begin for mileage reimbursements, Social Security/Medicare taxes, “self employment” taxes, federal, state & local taxes, etc.
    • January 15 File federal income taxes for non-minister employees for the period Sep 1 – Dec 31.
    • January 31 File Form W-2 for previous year’s employment year. File Form 1099 & Form 1096 for self-employed persons paid in previous year.
    • April 15 Individual tax returns must be filed by this date.
    • April 15 File federal income taxes for non-minister employees for the period Jan 1 – Mar 31.
    • May 15 File Form 990-T for unrelated business income taxes from the previous year.
    • June 15 File federal income taxes for non-minister employees for the period Apr 1 – May 31.
    • September 15 File federal income taxes for non-minister employees for the period Jun 1 – Aug 31.
    • November 25 Send forecast of contributions to conference ministries for next calendar year to conference treasurer.
    • December 1 Time to establish the Housing Allowance amounts for ministers for the next year.
    • December 31 Last date for receiving contributions for the previous year. Any mail with a postmark of 12/31 or before can be included in the previous year, no matter when it was received.

  • Missional Operations Grants :

    Missional Operations Grants (MOGs) are available to all Eastern District & Franconia Conference congregations for creative partnerships and new possibilities for missional engagement both distant and nearby. These partnerships are intent on mutuality, rooted in considerations of justice, building on strengths, and calling forth new and next-generation leaders. The ministries and projects that have been funded by Missional Operations Grants are those that are building on the Mennonite tradition of faith and are trying new and creative initiatives to engage their communities or people around the globe. To apply for a Mission Operations grant, talk with your Leadership Minister.

    The following criteria are used to discern grants requested:

    • Connecting leaders and churches around the Great Commission.
    • Strong investment in leadership development, especially of young people.
    • Wise stewardship by avoiding duplication and dependency.
    • Commitment to mutual accountability in intercultural relationships.
    • Advocating evangelism, reconciliation and justice.
    • Multiplication of disciples, leaders, and ministries.
    • Building mutual capacity among mission partners.
    • Asset/gift-based bias – building on capacity of all participants.
    • Regular cultural relevance checks and adjustments of all initiatives.


    In 2019, the Conference awarded 7 MOGs totaling $35,000. Here are the ministries and projects that received an MOG in 2019:

    • Towamencin Mennonite Church – partnered with Centro de Alabanza for upkeep of  their church building in South Philly
    • Nueva Vida Norristown New Life – support for a community outreach initiative
    • Philadelphia Praise Center – support for their summer program, and for Taproot Gap Year
    • Indonesian Light Church – Leadership Development initiative
    • Nations Worship Center – Vacation Bible School support
    • Franconia Mennonite Church – partnership with Ripple Community for a chaplaincy ministry
    • MCC Material Resource Center – a matching grant for supply kits for migrants

  • Opportunities to invest in the Ministries of Eastern District & Franconia Conference

    Ministry Resource Funds (MRF): donations are used mainly for the Missional Operations Grants (MOGs) that are given to member congregations for the following purposes: connecting leaders and churches around the Great Commission, strong investment in leadership development, advocating evangelism, reconciliation and justice, and multiplication of disciples, leaders and congregations.

    Conference General Fund: donations support the general operating budget of the conference, which includes conference assembly, pastors and leaders breakfasts, and other conference events.

    Ministers Retirement Fund: donations will assist pastors and/or their spouses who served in conference congregations before retirement accounts were established for them.  For more information, contact Conrad Martin: e-mail or 267-932-6050, ext. 142.

    The Worm Project: donations go to fund the global initiative to provide deworming medicine to millions of children. For more information visit:

    The Shalom Fund: donations support pastors, congregations and ministries in direct response to the Coronavirus and the ensuing economic crisis.   We will seek to respond to the most vulnerable within our membership and neighborhoods by empowering local ministries to meet real needs with Christ’s love and generosity in a time of fear and anxiety.

    Donations can also be sent by check to:

    Eastern District & Franconia Conference
    1000 Forty Foot Rd.
    Lansdale, PA 19446

    Please designate which ministry you wish to support. Undesignated contributions will support the Conference General Fund.

  • Internet Resources

    • Everence:  The stewardship agency of the Mennonite Church USA, with long-standing ties to other denominations with historic Anabaptist roots. They offer financial services, including banking, investments, retirement & insurance.
    • ECFA: Church Reporting Made Easy.  This guide from the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability helps church leaders and treasurers become more informed about legal issues for clergy compensation and benefits. Learn the 10 biggest tax mistakes churches make.
    • ECFA: Ministers’ Taxes Made Easy.  This guide from the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability helps guide pastors on the housing allowance, compensation and fringe benefits, business and professional expenses, and income and Social Security taxes.

    Ecumenical Stewardship Resources

    • Good $ense Budgeting Ministry: The Good $ense Budgeting Ministry has everything you need to implement a year-round, biblically-based stewardship ministry in your church. Good $ense resources help encourage your congregation as together you discover the freedom of biblical stewardship. Good Sense is a ministry of Willow Creek Association, in partnership with Everence.
    • The Christian Stewardship Association: Influencing the world for Jesus Christ by equipping Christian leaders with an understanding of biblical stewardship through education, research, resources and networking activities.
    • Faith & Money Network: Equips people to transform their relationship with money, to live with integrity and intentionality, and to participate in creating a more equitable world.
    • A biblically-based website to help people of all ages develop and maintain healthy financial habits

    Published or Video Resources

    • Church Finance Today: A monthly review of accounting, financial and tax developments effecting churches and clergy
    • Church Law & Tax Report: A bi-monthly review of legal issues facing congregations
    • 2019 Church & Clergy Tax Guide: An annual publication giving a review on tax issues facing congregations
    • Faithful & Wise: Being a Good Steward: A DVD by Mark Vincent with a six-lesson curriculum for small group discussions on various stewardship topics