Marta Castillo

Leadership Minister of Intercultural Formation
Congregation: Wellspring
Phone: (484) 868-0642
The daughter of Franconia Conference-rooted mission workers, Marta Castillo has been shaped by four of the linguistic cultures in the Conference, growing up in both Vietnam and Indonesia. While being a primary English speaker she lives in a bilingual family and community of English/Spanish speakers. Marta is committed to prayer along with active engagement of diverse neighborhoods with the message of Christ’s Good News. She is passionate about the intercultural work of unity in cultural diversity, antiracism, and racial reconciliation. Marta served on the pastoral team of Nueva Vida Norristown New Life from 2009 to 2017, and served five years on the conference board, two of those as assistant moderator. She graduated from Eastern Mennonite College with a major in Elementary Education and has a Certificate of Christian Ministry from Eastern Mennonite Seminary. She is currently serving as interim pastor at Wellspring Church of Skippack. Marta lives in Norristown, PA, with her husband, Julio, and has three sons, Christian, Andres and Daniel and one granddaughter, Isabel. Read Marta's profile here.

Michael Clemmer

Leadership Minister
Congregation: Maple Grove
Phone: 215-767-6582
Mike Clemmer is a Conference Leadership Minister and serves as the pastor of Maple Grove Mennonite Church (Lancaster Conference). Earning a doctorate in missional leadership at Biblical Theological Seminary, Mike has a passion for leadership and helping congregations see the places where God is already working in and around them. Mike considers connecting with the community as an important work and enjoys seeing how God is empowering congregations to build relationships outside of the walls of the church. Mike has recently served as the chaplain for the Towamencin Fire Company. Before pastoring, Mike spent more than 20 years in business at Moyer & Son in Telford. Mike appreciates the connections that the Conference affords easily between congregations. He also appreciates the diversity and growing diversity of the Conference. Mike’s passions include running, sports, music, and gardening. Mike and his wife April live in Strasburg, PA and have three adult children and 3 grandchildren. Read Mike's profile here.

Marco Güete

Leadership Minister
Congregation: Covenant Mennonite Fellowship
Phone: 941-315-3198
Marco Güete grew up in Colombia before emigrating to the United States. In 1978, he received his first pastorate at a small church while pursuing training in Christian ministry and counseling. He then spent time as an international salesperson and eventually opened two small stores in Queens, NY. In 1981, Marco enrolled in the Pastoral Ministry Program at Goshen College, and then Northern Baptist Theological Seminary, where he obtained a Master of Arts in Theology with a concentration in Pastoral Care and Counseling. Since then, he has pastored at Community of Faith Mennonite Church, Chicago, IL, served as Hispanic Ministries Program Director of General Conference Mennonite Church, as Associate Conference Minister of Western District Conference, and currently serves as Conference Minister of Southeast Mennonite Conference. Marco is married to Sandra, and they reside in Sarasota, FL. Read Marco's profile here.

Randy Heacock

Leadership Minister
Congregation: Doylestown
Phone: 267-884-2984
Randy Heacock serves as a Leadership Minister while continuing in his role as pastor of Doylestown Mennonite Church. After years of ministry with the United Methodist Church Randy decided to pursue ministry in the Mennonite Church. He served 12 years in Fairfax, Virginia followed by one year of working at a chime factory, he then began serving Doylestown Mennonite Church in 2001. He has held numerous positions while a part of Virginia Conference including District Secretary, Conference Nurture Committee Member and Chair of the Virginia Peace Committee. Randy holds an MDiv from Moravian Seminary and a BA in History from Messiah College. Though many in our culture are turned off by Christianity, Randy encounters many who are intrigued to learn about Jesus. Randy is married to Nancy and together they have 2 adult daughters. Randy enjoys disc golf, trash talking on the basketball court, trivia, and watching people age with grace. Read Randy's profile here.

Steve Kriss

Executive Minister
Congregation: Philadelphia Praise Center
Phone: 267-932-6050 x137
Stephen Kriss began working with Franconia Conference in 2005 when he focused on young leaders and new initiatives. Previously, he served as a pastor at Mennonite congregations in Somerset County, PA and Staten Island, NY. Steve's also worked in areas of communication, editing and public relations. He graduated from Eastern Mennonite University in Harrisonburg, VA, Duquesne University in Pittsburgh and from seminary at Drew University in Madison, NJ. Steve lives in Northwest Philadelphia and is part of Philadelphia Praise Center. He works now with the Conference's credentialing processes, leadership development and serves as a leadership minister with a diverse array of congregations from South Philly to Vermont. Steve also teaches at Eastern Mennonite University at Lancaster and has taught at other colleges, universities and seminaries across Pennsylvania. Read Steve's profile here.

Conrad Martin

Director of Finance/FMC Properties Board Chief Operating Officer
Congregation: Blooming Glen
Phone: 267-932-6050 x142
Conrad Martin is responsible for the conference’s finances and oversees all conference-owned properties. Before working for the conference, Conrad spent time working abroad for Eastern Mennonite Missions and Mennonite Economic Development Associates in Tanzania and Mennonite Central Committee in Bangladesh. Conrad has been married to his wife, Josephine, since 2001. In his free time, Conrad enjoys gardening and golf. Proverbs 3:9 is meaningful to him because it fits the best with his personal mission statement. “Honor GOD with everything you own; Give him the first and the best.” (The Message) Conrad appreciates the response he gets when he visits Conference congregations, “even when they learn I work for the conference,” he said. “I am excited that [the Conference] is becoming more intentional about reconnecting with congregations.” Read Conrad's profile here.

Brooke Martin

Community and Youth Formation Coordinator
Congregation: Salford
Phone: 419-367-9061
Raised in the Midwest, Brooke Martin moved to Pennsylvania after graduating from Hesston College in 2010 with a Biblical Studies degree focused in Youth Ministry. She served at Franconia Church as Interim Youth Ministry Leader for four years prior to joining the conference staff. She enjoys bringing people together to support, network, and equip one another. Brooke lives in Telford with her husband, Nathaniel, and their two children. She can most often be found digging in the sandbox, reading books to, or playing legos with her kids. Read Brooke's profile here.

Kristine McClain

Administrative/Communication Assistant
Congregation: Bridge Community Church
Phone: 267-932-6050 x 110
Kristine McClain keeps the office running smoothly, maintains the websites and databases, and does a variety of media and communications projects. When she’s not at the Conference Center, Kristine runs her own creative services business and continues a 20+ year career in radio. Born and raised in the local area, Kristine graduated from Christopher Dock Mennonite High School and Messiah College with a Bachelor of Arts in English. In her spare time, she enjoys coaching softball, doing service projects, metal detecting, watching the Eagles, Phillies and NASCAR, and flying off to Alaska whenever possible, whether for mission trips or vacation. Read Kristine's profile here.

Joshua Meyer

Leadership Minister, Ministerial Committee
Congregation: Franconia
Phone: 215-460-8128
Josh Meyer is a Conference Leadership Minister and the pastor of Discipling and Preaching at Franconia Mennonite Church. He's also served on the conference's Faith and Life Commission, Ministerial Committee, and EDC/FMC Structure and Identity Task Force. In addition to these roles, Josh is an Adjunct Professor at Eastern University. He is particularly interested in helping congregations connect the good news of God's great love with younger generations and those without a faith background. He recently completed doctoral work at Missio Seminary focused on millennials & ministry. Having not grown up in the Mennonite Church, he is grateful for the way he's been grafted into the Conference and considers it an honor to listen, learn, and lead in this setting. Josh's wife, Kim, is a licensed Social Worker and together they have three children - Selah, Eve and Paxton. Read Josh's profile here.

Mary Nitzsche

Associate Executive Minister
Congregation: Perkasie
Phone: 267-932-6050 x. 153
As Associate Executive Minister, Mary's primary role includes giving oversight of the credentialing process, connecting with women pastors, chaplains, retired pastors, and interim pastors, serving as Leadership Minister of two congregations, and representing the conference when Steve is not able as an "executive" presence is deemed helpful and important. Prior to serving in this role, Mary was chair of the Conference Board Ministerial Committee, and a member of the Conference Board and Executive Committee. She also has nine years of congregational pastoral ministry experience at Blooming Glen Mennonite Church and 12 years of conference ministry experience in Ohio Conference of Mennonite Church USA. In both congregational and conference ministry roles, Mary is inspired accompanying people in the ordinary experiences of life and observing the Spirit's transforming power in their lives. Mary is a graduate of Hesston College and Goshen College and taught elementary school for three years. She received her Masters of Arts in Pastoral Counseling from Ashland Theological Seminary in Ashland, Ohio. She and her husband, Wayne, are Midwest natives. They have two adult daughters, Alison and Megan, son-in-laws, Michael and David, and one delightful grandson, William. For relaxation, Mary enjoys spending time with family and friends, walking, hiking, knitting, and sewing. Read Mary's profile here.

Scott Roth

Leadership Minister
Congregation: Line Lexington
Scott has dedicated his pastoral calling to creating communities that are centered around Jesus. He has spent his most recent years pastoring in congregations, conference, and his community. His passion is for all to have vibrant lives with Christ. He is married and has a son and daughter. Also his family has two basset hounds. In his down time, Scott can be seen playing games, fishing, biking, and relaxing with a hot drink and good conversation or a good book. He currently spends a great deal of his volunteer life managing Bike & Sol and he is a staff associate for Young Life in Montgomery County. Read Scott's profile here.

Danilo Sanchez

Youth Formation Pastor
Congregation: Ripple
Phone: 610-781-1781
Danilo Sanchez lives in Allentown with his wife Mary and two daughters. He is a pastor at Ripple and leads in the areas of leadership development, discipleship, and teaching. Danilo also works part-time with the housing program of Ripple Community Inc as the Community Life Director. He graduated from Eastern University in 2010 and received his Master of Divinity from Eastern Mennonite Seminary in 2013. He enjoys playing guitar, playing futbol, and spending time with his family. Read Danilo's profile here.

Noel Santiago

Leadership Minister for Missional Transformation
Congregation: Blooming Glen
Phone: 267-932-6050 x115
Noel Santiago works with pastors and leadership teams to help them align what they do with what they say in their vision and mission. He also works with leaders and networks seeking to bring a transformational impact to their neighboring communities, through prayer. Noel and his wife, Juanita, were both born in Puerto Rico, but he was raised in Pennsylvania. They lived together a year in Costa Rica as co-leaders of the SST program of Goshen College. To relax, Noel barbeques and hangs out with family and friends. The promise of God’s guidance and strength in Isaiah 58:11 is particularly meaningful to him. “I have experienced this time and time again as a reality in my life,” he said. Noel loves when the vision “clicks” for congregational leaders. He remembers one significant meeting with a pastor and elder team that “led to an ‘aha’ moment,” he said. “They recognized a way they could better align some of their activities with their vision.” Read Noel's profile here.

Emily Ralph Servant

Leadership Minister
Congregation: North Baltimore Mennonite Church
Phone: 267-932-6050 x117
Emily has served on the pastoral team at Swamp and Indonesian Light congregations, as well as Sunnyside congregation (Lancaster Conference). She has also served as the Conference's Associate Director of Communication and the Director of Communication for Mennonite World Conference, PA 2015. Emily has an MA in intercultural transformation and a PhD in theology, with an emphasis on Anabaptism and mission. Some of Emily's favorite memories from her time at the Conference have been when gifted musicians from a variety of congregations and cultures, who speak different languages and worship in different styles, have gathered to lead worship together. "We learned that unity in diversity is developed in relationships," Emily said. "As we grew to care about and for one another, our worship leading was transformed." Emily lives in Baltimore with her husband, Ryan, and daughter Maggie. Read Emily's profile here.

Aldo Siahaan

Leadership Minister, Credentials Committee
Congregation: Philadelphia Praise Center
Phone: 267-307-7548
Aldo is a Leadership Minister for three congregations, assisting churches to reach their vision and serving as a bridge between the conference and the congregation. Aldo currently serves on the credentials committee. He appreciates how the Conference is much more than a building—it’s like being a part of a big family, across the nation and across the globe. Aldo is also the pastor of Philadelphia Praise Center, a multi-ethnic church on the south side of the city. He is originally from Jakarta, Indonesia, and is married to Viviani Chandra. Read Aldo's profile here.

Chantelle Todman Moore

Intercultural Leadership Coach
Phone: 267-978-6038
Chantelle Todman Moore is the Conference's International Leadership Coach. Chantelle previously served as the Philadelphia Program Coordinator for Mennonite Central Committee and as a Program Director at both Oxford Circle Christian Community Development Association and Eastern University. She is also the co-founder of unlock Ngenuity - a consulting, coaching and therapy business, She holds a BA in International Community Development from Oral Roberts University, an MBA in International Economic Development from Eastern University, and a Qualified Administrator for the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI). Chantelle hails from South Florida, but currently lives in Philadelphia with her family.Read Chantelle's profile here.

Jeff Wright

Leadership Minister
Congregation: Madison Street Brethren in Christ Church
Phone: 951-990-4244
Residing in Riverside, CA, Jeff is an urban missiologist who has served as pastor of Madison Street Church, a Brethren-in- Christ congregation in Riverside, and as president of viaShalom, a small, not-for-profit missional resource agency. viaShalom operates a local, asset-based community development effort; social purpose, fair trade enterprises and, a consultancy specializing in creating and sustaining urban incarnational experiments. He earned his B.A. from Tabor College, M.Div. from Fresno Pacific Biblical Seminary, an MBA in church management from the Graduate Theological Foundation, and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Applied Theology from Spurgeon's College in London. Married to Debbie, Jeff has two grown children, five grandsons, and a dog, and enjoys riding bicycles, omnivorous reading, and cheering for the LA Dodgers. Read Jeff's profile here.