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Delegates commit to waiting, hoping, discerning at Assembly

Bob & Bonnie Stevenson

by Emily Ralph, associate director of communication “Waiting on God is expectant and hopeful,” declared Marta Castillo, Franconia Conference’s outgoing assistant moderator, at the opening of the United Franconia and Eastern District Conferences’ 2014 Assembly.  The theme of this year’s gathering, held November 14-15 at Penn View Christian School in Souderton, Pa., was “Esperando: Waiting … Continue reading Delegates commit to waiting, hoping, discerning at Assembly

Even when we doubt, God fulfills promises

by Danilo Sanchez, Whitehall In my experience, waiting and doubting have a direct correlation. As the length of time that we have to wait increases, so does our doubt. Over time, we begin to ask ourselves, “Is God really listening?” “Does God really care?” “Can this really happen?” “How long do I have to wait?” … Continue reading Even when we doubt, God fulfills promises

United in worship at conference assembly

by Sharon Williams, ’14 Conference Assembly Coordinator On Friday, November 14, worshipers from all Eastern District and Franconia Conference congregations and conference-related ministries are invited to gather in Penn View’s auditorium at 7 p.m. to honor our Lord and reflect together on the theme “Esperando: Waiting and Hoping.” The worship time will kick off United … Continue reading United in worship at conference assembly

Waiting when it’s hard to explain why

by Krista Showalter Ehst, Alpha I recently attended my first high school reunion as a Mennonite pastor. I am a relatively young pastor, and I think for some of my fellow alumni it was a bit strange to hear about my current career path. I was chatting with two folks (not even discussing church or pastoring … Continue reading Waiting when it’s hard to explain why

Why should we wait for the impossible?

by Beny Krisbianto, Nations Worship The words “waiting” and “impossible” aren’t fun words to discuss. The word “boring” is usually associated with the word “waiting” and the word “finished” or “dead” are often related to the word “impossible.” Why do we have to wait, if the thing that we are waiting for is impossible? It seems … Continue reading Why should we wait for the impossible?

Waiting for the pain to end

Michael Meneses

by Michael A. Meneses, Wellspring Church of Skippack It was a cold Sunday morning. It had snowed the day before, and though the church parking lot had been plowed, there were ice puddles everywhere. I was walking across the lot in a no-nonsense, got-business-to-take-care-of way when it happened: my right foot landed on a patch … Continue reading Waiting for the pain to end

Waiting together in the cold

by John Stoltzfus, conference youth minister Recently, I spent three days with a group of conference leaders who work in youth ministry. This is an annual gathering at a beach house that has no agenda other than to be with one another, share what is happening in our lives and ministries, and eat some good … Continue reading Waiting together in the cold

Delegates discuss collaboration in time of anxiety

Table groups

Franconia Conference delegates gathered February 8 at Franconia Mennonite Church, Telford, Pa., to brainstorm ways of building relationships and collaboration in ministry and mission as part of a two-year direction toward growth and discernment as a community.

After a time of worship and reflection, delegates prayed for their congregations, the conference and denomination, and institutions of the church that are in difficult processes of discernment recognizing the tensions across the denomination related to human sexuality. Conversation then turned to identifying areas for mutual support and engagement; sharing ways that the conference community can strengthen relationships to open possibilities for healthy conversation and collaboration.