10 Compelling Reasons to go to San Jose 2007

Gay Brunt Miller

In early July, all roads lead to San Jose, California,the site of the 2007 Mennonite Church USA
Convention. Here are a few reasons why you should seriously consider going:

1. To experience being part of something bigger: Nearly 110,000 members comprise
Mennonite Church USA. Come and meet your brothers and sisters, discover our diversity, and
experience this group to which you belong!

2. To hear the heart of our denominational leaders: Do you ever wonder who the people are that are providing leadership to our denomination? Meet them in person and hear their passion
for Christ and the Church.

3. To participate in inspiring worship: The impact of worshipping together can feel like a foretaste of heaven. Come to collectively offer our worship to our amazing God!

4. To learn: With dozens of seminars and workshops
to choose from you are bound to be better equipped for ministry in your community.

5. To discern: If you come as a delegate, you can help to discern issues of how we live out our faith in this world as Mennonite Church USA.

6. To listen: Hear of churches of recent immigrants growing in Southern California. Talk to those from the Gulf States about how they are fairing as they continue to rebuild in the aftermath
of hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Learn how God is moving. Listen to their stories.

7. To speak: Encourage others with your stories. Tell how God is moving in your life and your congregation.

8. To witness God at work among our youth: Youth convention is often a powerful time in the lives of our youth. Come experience their energy and joy as they encounter God.

9. To meet God: Come prepared and open to experiencing God in a fresh way in your own life! This year’s theme is “Live the Call! ¡Viva El Llamado!” based on Ephesians 4:1-6.

10. To see California! Take the opportunity to see a slice of the West Coast. Build in vacationbefore or after the convention to venture even further than San Jose. It’s a beautiful place!

Franconia Conference encourages each congregation to send a delegate and your youth to this important experience.Can’t go? Maybe you can help someone else from your congregation attend. The Convention is planned with activities for the whole family!